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Les enfants de la 2eme guerre mondiale, 29 photos saisissantes

22 Février 2013 , Rédigé par Pat Publié dans #pictures

Les enfants de la 2eme guerre mondiale, 29 photos saisissantes
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1. American doctors and wounded French girl Marie Genevieve (Geneviève Marie) at a field hospital at the farm of La Truncated (La Houssaye). On the left - the brother of Genevieve Marie Auguste (Auguste Marie). Children were injured in the night of 5 to 6 June 1944 as a result of a raid by U.S. bombers on battery La Croix aux Bertots. During the raid killed their mother.

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2. Warsaw children in German tank Pz.Kpfw IV, burnt by the rebels Gorokhovskaya Street September 14, 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising.

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3. Warsaw young rebels at the grave scout Zbigniew Banasha (Zbigniew Banas), who was killed by a German sniper during mail delivery to the hospital in Powisle.

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4. Injured Polish boy and a nurse at the hospital company "Costa» (Koszta) Street Moniuszko (Moniuszki), Building 1, in the Warsaw Uprising.

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5. Polish boy in the ruins of Warsaw. His house was destroyed by German bombing.

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6. London boy on the ruins of his home, where his parents were killed after being hit by a German V-2 rocket.

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7. London girl on the ruins of a house destroyed by the V-2 rocket.

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8. London boy on the ruins of his home, where his parents were killed after being hit by a German V-2 rocket.

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9. English girl with a doll on the ruins of a house destroyed by German bombing.

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10. German soldiers treated the Russian boy bread. Somewhere in the woods near Volkhov Volkhov in the boiler.

Photo from the album by German photographer Georg Gundlaha "Volkhov battle. Documents horror: 1941-1942. " Author's name - «Der kleine Junge begreift noch gar nicht, das er plotzlich ein Stuck Brot erhalten hat, - im Wolchow-Wald 1942" (Baby has not realized that he suddenly gave a piece of bread, Volkhov Forest 1942).

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11. An American soldier was killed by the Germans at the body in Stavelot (Stavelot) Belgian boy. In the background can be seen the bodies of other murdered civilians.

From the testimony of Belgian literature teacher Van der Essen at Nuremberg: "As to the first fact, that is, crimes committed by military units intact, then I, not to abuse of the Tribunal, I will give just a very typical example. This event, which occurred in Stavelot, where approximately 140 people, of which there were 36 women and 22 children, the oldest of which 14 years and younger - 4 years old, was brutally killed by German troops belonging to the SS Panzer Division. They were the division "Hoenshtaufen" and security division of the SS "Adolf Hitler" "

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12. Italian boys in Naples, one of whom lost a leg during the fighting.

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13. Meeting liberators Prague. Soviet junior officer holding a Czech boy.

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14. Meeting liberators Prague. Soviet Major-General holds a Czech girl.

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15. Unknown prisoner in the Warsaw ghetto holding a dead body, swollen from hunger baby.

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16. Greek soldier in a helmet holding a daughter.

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17. Russian boy sitting in the trunk thrown at the German retreat gun.

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18. Chinese baby crying on the platform of a bombed-out train station "South" in Shanghai.

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19. Soviet partisan teenage Nick Lubich of the partisan unit AF Fyodorov captured German 9-mm submachine gun MP-38 in the winter forest. Nikolai Lubich survived the war and lived to a ripe old age.

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20. Soviet child, weeping over the body of his dead mother. Shot from the Soviet film since the war, in which he shows the crime Nazis.

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21. Soviet child next to murdered mother. Concentration camp for civilians "Ozarichi."Belarus, a place Ozarichi Domanovichskogo Polesie district area.

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22. Boy of seven in place last fight, a blown Soviet tank T-34-85. Visible behind two of the same tank.

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23. An emaciated child lying on the sidewalk in the Warsaw ghetto.

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24. Two children begging on the sidewalk in the Warsaw ghetto.

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25. Two Ukrainian SS members, known as "askari» («Askaris»), looking at the bodies of women and children during the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto.

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26. Punishers shot Jewish women and children at the village Mizoch Rivne region. More signs of life in cold blood to achieve.Before execution, the victims were ordered to remove her clothes.

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27. A group of children in the occupied Soviet village. Shot by German photographer.

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28. Filipino orphans on the streets of Manila destroyed.

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29. Lance-Corporal Canadian Medical Corps D. Curtis (JW Curtis) leg bandages Fremont French boy Marcel (Marcel Frémont, 10 years), a number of his brother, Daniel (Daniel Frémont, 4 years).

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