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"Sands" - The Mediterranean - Andalusian Orchestra Feat. Mark Eliyahu

26 Décembre 2012 , Rédigé par Pat Publié dans #video, #music, #israel

The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra (Hebrew: התזמורת האנדלוסית הישראלית Arabic: الأوركسترا الإسرائيلية الأندلسية‎) or Mediterranean Orchestra is an award-winning Israeli orchestra based in Ashdod, Israel founded in 1994. The orchestra is composed of around 50 musicians and lyricists mainly of Moroccon and Russian origin and features traditionel Sephardic Jewish-Arab and Andalusian music and poetry, combining classical Arab-Andalusian and European instruments. The orchestra's artistic director and head conductor is Tom Cohen. Since its establishment, the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, which is financed by the Ashdod municipality and the Culture Ministry, has become an Israeli musical and cultural icon, touring in Israel, the United States,and European countries

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